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I give the talk “On Drawing Joyce” tomorrow at the Irish Arts Center in NYC. It includes a conversation between me and Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid.* I’ll be talking about my process drawing the book, bodyminding/drawing/gender, and the myth of male genius. I should have some posters and books for sale. I have a couple comps left, so if we’re friends or if you wanna go but can’t afford to, email me at heyanniemok (at) gmail.

You can buy a digital version of the book on my Gumroad site, either by itself or in my Collected PDF.

photo by Maggie Eighteen // *Thnx, Bev Rivero


CARTOONISTS MAKE SOUNDS: Creep Highway / See-Through Girls / Girl Mountain / Flesh Prince / DJ Alex (FB link)
LAVA Space 
4134 Lancaster Ave.
Weds. 9.17.2014, 7p, $5, 

Michael, Patrick, Simon, and Annie do a comics reading/talk at Locust Moon Comics (34 S 40th St) on Tues. September 16 at 7p with Farel Dalrymple and Noel Freibert, then they follow it up at LAVA with a night of music/noise ♥

Creep Highway (Toronto) | http://creephighway.bandcamp.com/
Michael DeForge (Lose) & Patrick Kyle (Distance Mover) play Bleach-y punk, sing “Let Me Be Your Wife” and about “Friends” and “White Friends”

Girl Mountain (Australia) | http://girlmountain.tumblr.com/
Tumblr selfie queen Simon Hanselmann (Megahex): “i’ll play anywhere, under any circumstance. i’m a ‘room-clearer’”

See-Through Girls (Philly) | http://seethroughgirls.tumblr.com/
Scary/cute punky pop, Annie Mok (Screentests) sings about kink, libraries, bugs, and the Bible

Flesh Prince (Philly) | http://fleshprince.bandcamp.com/
Electro samply pop, flesh-embodier / they don’t make comics so we can all learn from their shining example

Full tour info: http://heyanniemok.tumblr.com/post/95949134256/fantagraphics-the-boys-of-summer-are-about-to

don’t be a jerk / short ppl to the front & tall ppl behind / drug-free place / respect the space and its neighbors

flier by michael & annie!

music tomorrow // comics tonight! <3


[imgs: 2 black and white screencaps of the front cover of hoax zine #10, a flyer for the hoax mini-tour, and a photo of the newly made hoax pins.]


+ What is Hoax? Hoax is a US bi-annual queer feminist compilation zine that aims to create a space to analyze the feminisms of our everyday lives. Each issue has a theme in tandem with feminisms. Contributors do not have to identify with a particular gender and/or as feminists in order to submit work to the zine. You can learn more about Hoax via links about our Mission Statement, Core Values, and Shared Goals, General Hoax FAQs, Submission FAQs, and Stipends for Submissions….

Hi! I’ll see you, NYC, tmrw at the Hoax zine reading & show at Bluestockings at 7pm (FB link). I’ll be reading along with Cassandra Leville, Suzy X, Jordan Alam, and Emma Caterine; and Little Waist will be playing along with Tiny Tusks and Rachel Easterly. See the FB event page for more info. Bluestockings is at a crucial point with a possible shutdown, so if you want it to stay open, please come by and buy things!

Cover by Kevin Czapiewski!