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I am stupidly pleased to announce to you that I’m putting on debut events for Screentests with Vox Populi Gallery in Philly (FB link), and Bergen St. Comics in Brooklyn! (links go to the respective FB event pages.)

I’m joined by a list of incredible creators:

PHILLY: incredible creators Ras Mashramani (metropolarity.net), R.Phillips (AfroFuturistAffair.com), and Alex*Laser Life (theafterv3rse.tumblr.com), of the Philly-based queer sci-fi crew Metropolarity; O. Horvath (Spurt of Blood / queenofswordsinverted.tumblr.com), “hysterical cartoonist / pvd”; and Khristina Acosta of the Philly/NJ-based PoC-only zine distro No Shame Distro (facebook.com/noshamedistro), reading from her zine The Birthday Party.


Rebecca Mock (Solid Sight / rebeccamock.tumblr.com), Kat Mukai (Slow Dream), Laura Knetzger (Bug Boys / laurark.tumblr.com), and O. Horvath (Spurt of Blood / queenofswordsinverted.tumblr.com), “hysterical cartoonist / pvd.”

Thanks to Casey Gonzales and Tucker Stone at Bergen, and Kelsey Halliday Johnson at Vox for helping to set these up.

If you’d like to help promote “IRL” and you have printer access, you can email me for a printable copy of the poster/flyer file, which you can place in coffee shops, etc and I would appreciate it a lot. Posters and fliers are going up in Philly thanks to Miguel Huerta of Get Lucid!, and in NY thanks to the Riso printing skills of Kris Mukai, and the postering/flyering of RM, Kat M, & LK.

<3!!! See you soon!